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What we do

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Brokering & Licensing

Brokering of existing Licences for Bank, EMI Agency OR Full Licence Application in EU - Upgrades and GEO extension EU & USA, Credit Licences or Full Banking Licences and/or Gambling Licences


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Bank Accounts, Payments, IBAN & Wallet  (API) Everything needed to add and store money optional software & regulatory licence & operations.


Merchant Acquiring High Risk

Acquiring / Issuing 

International Merchant Card Acquiring and Gateways (Risk/Fraud/Charge Back Management)  / Small to large Card issuing capability.


KYC KYB AML operations and Risk

Business Process Outsourcing 

Managed Operations Back Office Admin and IT and Help Desk. Managed firewall for Risk Management, KYC and AML based on client rules


Visa and Mastercard Scheme Requirements

Board Advisory

Investments and M&A , Soft Investments, Business Development and Company Sales, Company Incorporation, Optional Optimised Tax, Audit and compliant book keeping services. 


Opening of bank accounts IBAN and SWIFT

Bank Accounts & IBAN

Open Bank Accounts for inbound and outbound payments (Domestic ACH and International SWIFT). IBAN for merchant Settlement 


Our clients

Electronic Money Institute


EMI/PI/MSO upgrading licences and needing payments banking and IBAN, and BPO


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Licenses for clients, Wallets, Payments and API , Media Design and UX, and strategic business development or funding, BPO.


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PSP IBAN for merchant settlement, Wallets and Open banking, BPO and merchant on-boarding or Chargebacks.


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High Risk eMerchants 

Corporate EU entity and officers, IBAN and bank accounts, Open Banking , Crypto and alternative payments


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Crypto Exchanges / Wallets & STO

Licences for FIAT, wallet, payments in/out and off exchange FIAT OTC trade solutions. 


SWIFT Correspondent Banking

Private Wealth & Funds Managers

Global Open Bank Accounts, Domestic ACH and International SWIFT, IBAN for merchant Settlement 



Bank Accounts opened each Quarter


Availability of Operational Wallet and Payments 


Live EMI agency clients in EU 


IBAN issued per month EU EUR/GBP

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