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We are an innovative Team having gained significant experience in the field, with an extensive global network which we leverage to ensure a compliant win-win. 


Capital Markets Services

We offer unprecedented Global Private Banking Solutions to maximize transactional Efficiency and security, while performing with incomparable profitability. Undeniably a well designed and system managed financial service entity HUB is both the highest performing asset known and the most powerful Business tool Money can buy.


Asset Management

We are ensuring that our products seek to meet the needs of today's investors, developing a successful range of products, driven by innovation, with a focus on simplicity and value that allow investors to follow the stock market - but without the associated pitfalls. Structured products are investment products available to the public whose repayment value derives from the development of one or several underlying assets. Underlying assets are investments such as Shares, Interest, foreign Currency or Raw Materials such as Gold, Crude Oil, Copper or Sugar. Structured products are a combination of a traditional Investment (e.g. Bond) and a Derivative Financial Instrument. Legally, structured products are obligations for whose fulfillment the issuer is liable with all of its as importance to the investor.


Wealth Management

The current global economic condition invites opportunities for sophisticated Services in private banking and trade markets. In a trend toward 'World Citizenship' and the ever - increasing demands of borderless international Business, to create customized Exclusive Trading and Investment Banking Services each acting as a one stop and in - house dedicated Global Banking Financial Center which protects the privacy, privileges and powers of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), Qualified Investment Buyers (QIB), Multinational Corporations (MC) and Wealthy Families (WF

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Your Consultants

Mario Buttigieg

CO & Director

Mario Buttigieg CPA

Mario Buttigieg is a partner and also the founder and CEO of Fiduscorp Limited, authorised and regulated by the MFSA as a company services provider in January 2018.  During the period 2013 and 2017, he occupied a number of senior executive directorship positions in the financial services and corporate business in Malta, was Associate Director for the financial institutions’ clients of HSBC Bank Malta plc and Senior Manager of clients and business change with HSBC Securities Services UK Limited.   Between 2002 and 2013, he was the Head of Finance, Fund Accounting and Investments’ Valuations for HSBC Securities Services (Malta) Limited, acting also as executive director for 7 years.  Following a 10-year career in the banking industry as from 1989, Mario started his funds industry career in 1999, where he was Senior Manager at HSBC Fund Management (Malta) Limited.  

Mario holds a business commerce and accountancy degree from the University of Malta and is a Certified Public Accountant.  He holds an ICA in Anti Money Laundering & Sanctions Compliance from the University of Manchester, a certificate in Trust Law & Management and a certificate in Blockchain, both from the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners in Malta.


Maria Belziar

Senior Advisor

Jenny Thomsen

Finance Service

Julia Gomez

Managing Director

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